Meet us

Sarah & Mike

A couple, age 20 and 22 at the start up of House of Callaway, from South Wales with a passion for working as a team to make the world a better place.

In the beginning

Everyone starts somewhere

In early 2016, I discovered reusable menstrual products as a way of avoiding the skin irritations I had been experiencing with disposable sanitary options. I decided to try to make my own after realising that many other cloth pad sellers were ordering their stock from ethically questionable locations or were far out of my budget as a university student.

In March of that same year, Mike and I pitched our idea for House of Callaway in a competition at our university, University of South Wales. We managed to secure £500 and quickly got to work to open the business officially on 18th July 2016.

It wasn't always easy

In October 2016, we found ourselves in The Sun, Daily Mail, Save The Student, Wales Online and The Mirror because of the amount of abuse we had received as a business. People called us everything from 'disgusting' to 'filthy inbreds'. No matter what people said though, we never let it grind us down. Through it all, we also found the most incredible supporters who still stand by us today.

Our Achievements so Far

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