Frequently asked questions

How do I use cloth pads?

Place the PUL/fleece side down onto your underwear and secure the snaps so that the topper side is against your skin. The topper side has two lines of parallel stitching on it.

Can I get a refund/exchange if they leak/I don’t like them/they show signs of wear?

Please check our policy on returns/refunds.

Do cloth pads leak?

Any pads can leak. When switching to cloth pads, do make sure you keep an eye on your pad to see if it needs changing just as you would any other disposable pad. The only difference with cloth is that some fabrics may be more absorbent compared with others so when buying new cloth pads, it’s always a wise idea to keep an eye on how much that particular pad can handle so you know for the future.

How do I store soiled pads?

Fold them so the soiled area can’t touch anything then put them in a container or bag but don’t seal it airtight as this will cause odour.

Can you wash them with other things? Is it safe to machine wash?

You can read in detail about the washing process under the information tab.

How often should I wash them?

Cloth pads need to be cleaned after each use but how often you wash them depends on how often you normally do your laundry. You may need to wash them more or less often depending on whether you do or don’t have enough for your whole cycle. Cloth pads should be washed properly after each and every use.

How absorbent are they?

If a cloth pad is called a ‘heavy’ pad, it will be approximately the equivalent to a disposable pad in its absorbency but you should always check on how soiled your pad is when trying out a new type/brand of reusable cloth menstrual pad as different fabrics/makers can vary.

Are there different absorbency amounts?

Yes! You can choose from a few on this website.

How many do you need?

It depends on a number of things. For example you might need more if you don’t intend to do your laundry more than once during your period or if your flow is heavier so you’d need to change them more often. When deciding how many pads to purchase, it may be useful to consider how many disposable pads you currently use and, combined with how often you'll be washing, work out a number from there.

How long does one last? (Between changing, lifespan of one pad)

There’s two ways you can look at this question… The first way is length of time you wear it which the answer is that it should last as long (absorb as much) as it’s disposable equivalent (for example a cloth night pad is equivalent to a disposable night pad in its absorbency). The other way of taking on this question is the length of time it’ll last in durability. If you’re careful with it, wash it correctly and look after them well, they can last a considerable amount of time but this will depend on the amount you wear each individual pad.

Why not just use normal pads?

This is a popular question which requires a good but simple answer. There are a few reasons why many enjoy cloth pads better than disposable pads: - Cloth does not contain the chemicals that disposables do (super absorbent beads, plastics, various layers of fibres). These chemicals, over time, can leach inside your body through your skin. Some chemicals found in disposable products are even associated with cancer. - Cloth also often does not give you the sweaty irritation rashes that the plastic in disposables can do. This means that wearing cloth can also improve reoccurring problems like skin irritation in some women since the plastic in disposables may be the cause of the issue. - Finally, by using cloth you will be helping the environment by not contributing to the amount of tampons and sanitary pads in landfill or in the sea.

Can they be noticed through clothing?

This question depends on what you choose to wear. In certain movements, a thicker cloth pad may show through if you wear something like a leotard or skin tight leggings although the lines you see can be compared with plain old pants lines. I often wear a cloth pad to the gym when on my period while wearing tight cycling trousers, as far as I know, nobody knows! I’m almost certain that you cannot see them through standard thickness jeans.

Do they have wings?

Yes! The wings of the pads are the part that has the snaps on so you can fasten them around your underwear.

What do I do with it if I want to take it off to change for a fresh one while out?

Fold it (soiled side on the inside so it won’t touch anything) and then put it in a bag (a wet bag is advised but a small food bag can be used if needed) but don’t seal it airtight as this will cause odour. When you get home, take it out of the bag then simply follow the washing instructions when you want to wash it.

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