Cloth Pad Washing Guide

All orders from us include a care recommendations brochure but, in case you need it again, here they are below!

  1. Fill a washing up bowl with cold water and add an oxi cleaning powder.

  2. Place the pads in the bowl stain side down. If you’re using a receptacle with a lid, do not put the lid on.

  3. Leave to soak.

  4. Remove the pads from the bowl. Run each pad under cold water and squeeze out until it runs as clear (do not wring the pad, fold the pad in half, then into quarters and then squeeze).

  5. Use a stain soap to rub over any remaining stains, leave this soap on each pad for a few minutes at a time to do its work.

  6. Run the pad under cold water to rinse the soap out. If all the stains aren’t out, apply more stain soap.

  7. Immediately place the damp pads into a mesh washing bag and wash in the washing machine.

  8. Hang them outside or on a drying rack indoors to dry naturally.


Additional notes:

  • Wash at 40 degrees.

  • Always use cold water when rinsing by hand as any hotter can set in stains.

  • Do not tumble dry or iron.

  • Hanging pads in the sun can help with stubborn stains.

  • Never leave rinsed pads damp without attempting to dry them as this can lead to mildew growing on them.

  • You can store soiled pads ready to wash on another day, just make sure the air is allowed to get to them, otherwise, an odour may be produced.

  • Do not use detergents with bleaches or softeners in them – this can lead to less absorbency, colour loss or shorten the lifespan of the pads.      

Important note: if your cloth pad collection is made up of pads from different makers, ALWAYS consult the washing instructions from each relevant maker (their instructions may differ from those written here - we cannot be held responsible for any washing incidents). 

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