• Sarah Callaway

Cloth Pads and Infections

Yeast infections are extremely common for women and many of us will get at least one in our lifetime. The whole topic got me thinking about how to properly clean cloth pads if you're in the situation where you need to clean them post infection. 

It's common knowledge that many vaginal infections (especially yeast infections) can be passed back to you after you've cured yourself if your cloth pads (or underwear) haven't been properly cleaned, hence leading to repeat infections. Below is a few recommendations for sanitising cloth pads for your reference: 

  • Add a sanitising detergent to your machine with the active ingredient 'benzalkonium chloride' if you need to kill yeast. These detergents can be added to cooler washes yet still have powerful germ killing properties. 

  • If you want a more natural approach, soak your pads in half a cup of white vinegar with 5-10 drops of tea tree oil in a bucket/sink of water. Wash them as normal after this then dry in bright sunlight. I personally haven't tried this method but it's been talked about on numerous blogs around the web. 

  • And finally, if absolutely necessary, you can wash your pads once on 60 degrees. I personally don't recommend this since it can destroy some pad fabrics but, if you're completely stuck and worried about reinfecting yourself, it's something to consider. Obviously this one is at your own risk!

Feel free to ask me any questions or for clarification. The normal washing routine (for use when everything is all good down south) can be found here.

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