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Hey Girls Cup: A Review

Updated: Nov 12, 2020

I was walking around my local Asda one day when I spotted a the Hey Girls cup nestled between a wide variety of disposable menstrual products. Considering it was only £8.50, I decided it was definitely worth a go, even though they only stocked the large size which is designed for women who have given birth vaginally (I don't have children). 

On arriving home, I unboxed it and sterilised it in the usual fashion (pot on the stove filled with boiling water for ten minutes) then headed to the bathroom to try it on (or in?). Luckily, I was already on my period so it was the perfect time to have found this cup. 

Before I go any further, I want to give you some background. For the last 3 years, I have used the smaller size Mooncup and briefly tried the original, small size Lily Cup (which I really didn't get on with). Mooncup had always served me well but with the increase in availability of new brands as well as more information on cups becoming readily available, I wanted to try something new. I also, at times, felt like Mooncup was a little too firm for me. By this I mean that, during days where I was cramping, it would make the cramps worse. It also had a tendency of making me feel like I needed to pee more often due to the pressure it put on my bladder through the vaginal wall. To give context, according to most advice, Mooncup should be perfect for me since I have a strong pelvic floor. Usually the advice is, in the world of cups, strong pelvic floor = firm cup while weak pelvic floor = soft cup. 

Compared with Mooncup, the Hey Girls cup is much softer. It's also red in colour which is nice since I feel that this would help to hide stains as the cup gets older. To insert the cup, I used the usual C fold I have always used and this worked fine. I did have a little difficulty getting the cup to fully open but I'm not sure if this is down to the fact its a large cup so therefore, slightly too big for me. I remedied this by moving my finger right around the rim of the cup to open it as much as possible. Once it was in place, I couldn't feel it at all! I tend to at least feel something for a short time after insertion - whether its pressure or cramping - with Mooncup but with this cup, nothing at all. 

With regards to leaks, I have experienced a few leaks with Mooncup in the past, usually when weight training or doing other sports which involve engaging my core and pelvic floor. These leaks have never been major, just literally one drop from the moment the cup shifts during the activity, it then regains its rightful place for the rest of the day. I also usually always wear a liner for back up when using cups for a stress-free experience. With the Hey Girls cup however, I did not experience any leaks whatsoever. I attribute this to the cup's softer texture meaning it may be more flexible during sports activities and therefore bends to fit me better. As a side note, the lack of leaks genuinely did shock me - I was under the belief that my pelvic floor was squash the cup to the point of it being useless, hence the recommendation for firmer cups but my experience was quite the opposite! I was also pleasantly surprised that the large cup worked for me considering I'm definitely not the demographic it's designed for.  

To sum up, here are my main pros and cons of the Hey Girls cup:


- Red in colour so probably won't show stains with age

- Very affordable (over half the price of my Mooncup)

- Nice firmness level, not overly soft but also very comfortable to wear


- Only seem to be able to find the large size in stores - I would love to try the 'correct' sizing for me if I could find it!

- The printing on my outer packaging was quite poor quality - this may put some people off by thinking its a low quality product inside.

- Not a very well advertised cup (for example, I've never seen anyone in RUMP communities mention it or it coming up on the putacupinit.com site) - sometimes lack of knowledge gives people a bad vibe. 

Overall, I think this cup is a strong contender for those looking for something more affordable and easy to pick up in a local shop. Personally, I'll definitely continue using it in rotation with my Mooncup and am very happy I found this cup.

If anyone has any further questions about this review, feel free to message me. 

*Note, all views here are my own opinions, I paid full price for the product.

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