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How I Store Pads Before Wash Day

Updated: Nov 12, 2020

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This post will address how I store my used pads before wash day. From looking at the House of Callaway washing guide, you'll see that I choose to dry store as opposed to adding used pads to a soaking bucket straight away. I personally find this better when it comes to removing stains and also reduces the risk of pads being damaged from forgetting about them in the water.

To dry store my pads, I add them all to a small pedal bin which sits next to my regular laundry hamper. I find that a pedal bin allows enough air to circulate, preventing any odours, but is lidded to prevent people from seeing the contents. If you're someone who chooses not to stain treat pads and prefers to just throw them into the wash, you could also line the pedal bin with a mesh laundry bag to make grabbing them even quicker. Of course, if doing this, always ensure your washing program is long enough to clean pads effectively!

When I'm ready to wash the pads, I simply take them all downstairs to begin the washing process according to the guide featured on this site.

The above bin is similar to what I use - this one can be found on Amazon

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