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How Many Cloth Pads Will I Need?

Updated: Jul 21, 2020

A question we often get at House of Callaway is, how many pads will I need? This is a fairly difficult question to answer as every woman is different but we'll try our best to give an answer in this blog post. 

A fact to keep in mind is, when switching from disposable menstrual products to reusables, you do not need to rush the process. Building up a cloth pad stash can take time and cost more money than may be affordable in a one time purchase. If cost is an issue or you're simply not sure whether cloth will be for you, we recommend choosing a few cloth pads to begin (perhaps even our starter set, which allows you to try one of each of our popular sizes) and then coming back for more at a later date. On the subject of cost, its important to remember that, with proper care, cloth pads can last a number of years. This means that, in the long run, it is very likely that you will save money and the cloth pads you purchase will pay for themselves as you will no longer need to by disposable products. 

As for how many is required in a fully formed stash (to last say, a whole period without having to do a wash), this varies greatly. Some people only have around 10 pads of different absorbances as they choose to supplement their collection with the use of a menstrual cup during certain parts of the day or overnight. Others have a very large number of pads as they like to change often or perhaps experience heavy bleeding. A good guide of how many pads may be required is to think about your current use of disposables. How many do you tend to use per day and of what absorbency level? Do you currently use tampons sometimes which you are considering swapping for a menstrual cup? These questions can be useful when working out the number of pads required. 

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