• Sarah Callaway

How to Choose Your First Cloth Pads

When you first find out about the world of cloth sanitary pads, it can be exciting yet daunting. There are so many options from so many different makers/websites/shops that it can feel overwhelming. Here are some points and tips that I feel are important to consider when choosing your first cloth pads: 

- Try measuring your current disposable pads to find a length that's right for you

- Think about what fabrics you enjoy next to your skin. Do you like only cottons? Might plush ('Minky') be something you'd love? Or maybe a soft towelling? 

- Think about the activities you'll be doing while wearing your cloth pads. Will you need something that can grip tightly during a run (for this you might like to choose something like our shape - the large surface area of our wings tends to keep our pads from slipping!) or do you tend to do more low impact activities where any pad shape will do?

- Think about the clothing you'll be wearing. Might you need to specifically choose pads that are designed to be thin and undetectable? For example, this may apply to those wearing skin tight sports gear like leotards or yoga tights. 

- And finally, think about your flow. Do you tend to need super heavy pads with lots of coverage at night? Is your flow more moderate so you wouldn't need so many heavies?

I hope this post helps you to navigate the world of cloth a little easier and feel free to check out my other post on knowing how many pads you might like to purchase. As always, questions are always welcome if you would like to ask more specific things about your situation!

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