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How To Stop Reusable Pads From Slipping

A question that often comes up is what can be done to prevent pads from moving during use. Today I want to provide some troubleshooting around this topic to help you to minimise slipping.

Underwear Sizing

One of the main things you can do when wearing cloth sanitary pads is to purchase tight-fitting underwear. Unfortunately, some of my favourite boy short style pants are not suitable for use during my period, simply because they are not tight-fitting enough to hold pads in place. My favourite underwear for use with cloth pads is currently M&S Bikini cut which come in a multipack with lots of different colour options available. I find these to be a good solution in terms of them holding pads in place but also still being a comfortable size overall under clothing (as I’ve never personally been a fan of overly high waisted pants).

Backing Choice

The backing of your cloth pads can make a difference as to how slippery they are on underwear. Unfortunately, not all PUL is created equally so if you have pads that use especially shiny PUL, this may mean they move around more. The PUL used for our pads at House of Callaway tends not to slip as much as others in my experience, hence the warning that not all PUL backed options are the same!

If you are generally finding that PUL backing is not ideal for you, it may be a good idea to look into fleece backed pads in the future instead (or explore other backing options out there such as corduroy or wool).

Pad Sizing

Some people find that certain pad sizes are just too wide for them. At House of Callaway, we make pads that have snap settings of 2.5-3” as standard (this is a size we have found generally works well for our customer base) but there are definitely makers who are able to produce pads that are slimmer than this for those who need them. If the pads you have are twisting during use, it may be useful to measure the width to see if trying a narrower pad may help you.

Other options

There have been other options mentioned in the cloth pad community such as applying Sock Stop (the stuff that creates the sticky circles you find on slipper socks) to the backs of pads. I personally have no experience with this and would worry that it may harm some of the fabrics used to create cloth pads, given this, I generally wouldn’t recommend it.

If anyone reading this has heard of any other methods of preventing pads from slipping, please feel free to let me know as I'd love to learn more on this topic!

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