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Wingless or Snapless Cloth Pad Options

Updated: Nov 12, 2020

A question I’ve seen and received recently is, are there any reusable pad options for those who would rather not have snaps or wings? Those asking this question tend to cite doing activities like cycling, horse riding or perhaps are wheelchair users where the snaps may be felt. Personally, I have never had an issue with pads with snaps/wings during sports (I used to horse ride and also cycle) but I wanted to use today’s post to explore this question and share what I know about the subject.

Why do cloth pads have wings or snaps?

Cloth sanitary pads are often constructed with wings and snaps to help hold them in place. This makes things easier in terms of them staying put when walking around or doing sports. There are many different shapes of pads on the market and numerous different types of fastenings. Some popular fastening options include plastic pop fasteners (or snaps) as well their metal counterpart. Other options have been mentioned such as ties, buttons and Velcro. However, each of these options come with their own pros and cons so the most common tends to be plastic pop fasteners from what I have observed.

What options are there for those looking for wingless or snapless pads?

The first option would be to consider looking into a H pad. H pads are pads made from a H shape sewing pattern which means they are able to wrap around the underwear as opposed to using fasteners. Another option would be a wingless pad which is simply a pad with just the central, absorbent part. This means it wouldn't have any of the sides that would normally lead out to the snaps and would look similar to a disposable wingless pad.

Where can I purchase these options?

Unfortunately, we don’t offer wingless/snapless options here at House of Callaway but I would advise checking out Facebook groups as well as Etsy for reputable sellers of these types of pad options.

Do you have any cloth pad questions? Drop us a message for a response or to suggest future blog topics!


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