This listing is for pads that are ready made and can be shipped out as soon as possible. If snaps cannot be seen in the images, it is because they have either been added since taking the photograph or they will be added before shipping.

If you like what you see here but want more choice, feel free to browse our regular, made to order listings!


What are the pads made of?
All pads at House of Callaway have a cotton or poly cotton top, zorb/terry towelling core (if buying a thong liner, medium or large size, terry towelling core for the small size) and a leak-resistant PUL or fleece back depending on your preference (stock allowing).
What sizes do you offer and which should I buy for my needs?
The snap settings of the pads are to fit 2.5-3” wide depending on which snap you put it on. The small size pad/thong liner is 6.5” long and designed for daily use, very light flow or as back up to a menstrual cup. The medium pad we offer is 9.5" long and can be used as a regular pad for the daytime during menstruation. Our large pads are 10" and can be used for moderate overnight flow or as a heavier daytime pad.
What happens when I order?
All pads are sold individually unless the listing says that it is a kit or pack of pads. If you are ordering pads that are already made, they will be shipped out as soon as we can. If we need to make your pads to order, it may take up to 3 weeks for us to make.
Is there anything else I should know?
Please note that the colours can vary to that of real life as computer screens may show colours slightly differently. Also, please be aware that the sizes are approximate as each pad is handmade. The photographs of finished pads shown are for example purposes only. The snap and stitching colour may vary depending on our stock but they will always be a colour that will complement the fabric chosen. Also, we cannot guarantee the placement of the pad on patterned fabric so the final look will vary slightly depending on where the pad was cut from. 
Always pre wash a new pad before using it. Also, it's handy to keep in mind that pads often increase in absorbency after a number of washes. For full details of washing instructions, go to this page

Ready to Ship Thong Liners

Pattern Choice
  • At House of Callaway, we offer the choice (stock allowing) of either fleece or PUL backed pads. If you would like to see further information on the differences between these two fabrics, please refer to our blog post.

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